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 Switch Camp....!!!! GM help plz

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PostSubject: Switch Camp....!!!! GM help plz   Fri Jun 11, 2010 2:00 am

im trained my lighty toon. to lv 60 and have 1k AP ... after that i relog and deleted my toon. than i choose side to fury. and log in to select character screen. and than exit...

After that i go to website.... and enter my account and res... it say success ... but when i log in my darkie it turn me back to choosing sides screen. and i have to choose again to darkie and it not there..... i lost my 1 k AP for nothing.... help...

later i make my other darkie to get 1k AP and i go res
it still not res..... i lost 2 k AP now .... GM help.
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Switch Camp....!!!! GM help plz
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