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 Lapis Level incrased in STAT ^^ Bug need to Fix

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PostSubject: Lapis Level incrased in STAT ^^ Bug need to Fix   Thu May 27, 2010 8:11 pm

HI, recently you u just made a patch to increase the stat on each Level of the Lapis.
All the Lapis Level increased, except for dual lapis
Every one know that dual it almost as good as lvl 5 lapis. In term of stat.
But with recent Patch dual lapis has been = to lvl 2 lapis.

This is so not fair to those who play this game and lapis dual to there armor/weapon
CAN U PLEASE FIX IT. Expample lvl 1 dual craft has +9str/+8dex, can't event compare to lvl 3 craft lapis +20 stat
SO if it Possible can u PLEASE fix this problem.

And don't increase the stat of the lapis anymore, u will made the game less interested.

I want a fair game, but making the lapis with more stat will made the game too easy, and not fun any more.
People will be able to solo boss, which it retard. I want to farm big boss with guild, and has fun.
Don't made this game into Shaiya66 which i left and play this World shaiya.

Thank you for reading
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Lapis Level incrased in STAT ^^ Bug need to Fix
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