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 lvl up fun !

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PostSubject: lvl up fun !   Fri May 14, 2010 12:14 pm

Hi Hi all i think the lvl up systems not to bad but i think that Maybe a few days out of the week you would take and maybe do an event day where either like 50 ankys spawn or u respawn the regular ankys in map 1 over and over again so people do have a chance to get the scrolls because i know with my guild anyone who is around we pt with us so it does lessen our chances but we try to make it fair by doing that and we need more GMs and GS on lightside and need em on a little more often i know 66 is your new baby but i do love this server but it needs built up more but thats not going to happen when people cant get help with issues plzzz dont neglect this one!
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lvl up fun !
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