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 Reduce waiting time to lvl up

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PostSubject: Reduce waiting time to lvl up   Mon May 10, 2010 10:27 am

Hey there all who play World Shaiya.
I have a suggestion about the lvl up scrolls.
And no its not about reducing the amount of scrolls you need.

Look me as well as other players hate sitting around and wait a week to use lvl up scrolls its consumes allot of time.
I talked with several players/friends about it and we all think the time to wait should be reduced cause a week is to long.
Like reduce it to 3 days or so and even better would be instand lvl up when u use then with no waiting time.
But i know that would not work cause of crazy spenders would be lvl 70 in a day and pown us all.
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Reduce waiting time to lvl up
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